Why Choose Me?

Why Choose Me?

Because I am not like other Realtors® and My Existing Clients can Attest to this Claim

* Over 85% of My Business is Referrals & Repeats – An excellent record in which I have proudly earned my Clients loyalty.

* WYSIWYG – (What You See Is What You Get!) When you Hire ME, you deal directly with ME, not a “ Team” member who doesn’t know you or your home.

* 10 Years of Residential ReSale & New Home Construction Knowledge.

* A Strong understanding of the emotional roller coaster that accompanies the sale and purchase of properties.

* A Well-Established referral network with REALTORS® across Canada.

* Professional Service Cultivating Relationships to Last a Lifetime.

I will gladly provide contact information on any of my clients for you to talk with.  I am confident you will not be disappointed!

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